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About Us

Issa Leo men’s fashion house began designing and manufacturing clothing items early in 2011 under the alias of Issa Leo. With time and many lessons learnt the label has since evolved into an established label in 2013.  Currently the label is located and operates from our  Flagship store on  75 Loop Street in the effervescent Cape Town City Centre.

Issa Leo holds the promise of Passion, Edge, Originality, Innovation, Detail and Quality, amongst many other qualities that transpire through Issa Leo garments and accessories. 

Strategy and Vision

Helping curate and form the South African artisan and fashion industry, Issa Leo works closely and hand in hand with local artisans and designers. With this fresh energies and ideas are able to be generated and formed offering exclusive designs of international standards and quality, this is a visible trait in the labels garments with inevitable attention paid to detail and a pristine finish.

Over and above being a fashion label, Issa Leo is more than just a brand, but an influential lifestyle brand, playing an integral part in shaping and forming South African arts and culture industries. The label does this by involving and partnering with individuals and collectives such as PR and marketing heads, photographers, modelers, bloggers and others alike in its operations. With spirit Issa Leo believe it will continue to evolve into a more influential and prominent fashion house achieving national and international recognition.