Iconic 1 0f 1 Biker black Leather Jkt Pop-Art S.A Money. – Issa Leo

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Iconic Black

Iconic 1 0f 1 Biker black Leather Jkt Pop-Art S.A Money.

R 4,995.00 R 5,500.00



  • Classic Biker jkt with up-cycled denim patchwork
  • ICONIC Bagde was made from vintage jeans of-cuts.
  • Labels & leather pullers for detail and usage.
  • Hand Painted and distress details that makes this piece 1 of 1 to be worn in style.
  • ( the hoodie under it is for styling purposes does not come with the jacket)

-Our creative director , inspired by Pop Art, graffiti and street culture, created this edition of 1 of 1 Biker leather jkt, not 2 are the same this are hand drawn using different material paintings and spray paint in the form of graffiti.-

"In the age of individuality, the highest prized commodity is the one that only you have.

At Iconic black we understand that fashion is an outward expression of one’s inner self, which is why we design limited signature ranges, providing you with unique garments that speak your truth."

#beiconic when buying this hand made piece you support our movement of - Young SA Creatives -


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