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Whats your blood type?? The History Of Our Biker Jacket Inspired By The Blood Of Fashion And Design Icons


Paying tribute to the legendary Irving Schott (designer behind the original leather jacket) and Marlon Brandon (the movie star that made and gave that rebel attitude to the leather jacket). The Leather Jacket was made popular by Brandon  as he was seen wearing the jacket in his featured movies.


marlon brandon classic leather jacket cape town style

Marlon Brandon in a set movie.








We reimagined this classic Timeless piece with our own version of the biker jacket by modernising and incorporating it with new elements to fit the Issa Leo type of man. The jacket has slimmer cut features and perfect fittings along the waist giving it precise details. Taken from its original design the back side has folded space which is there to give you perfect movability. To finish off we added chunky metal zips for a rockstar kind of look for you to get the Issa Leo attention wherever you go!





These leather jackets are definitely a perfect match for your journey from a ride along champions peak,café racer you been working on to a night out on a festival this summer. Its value for your money.





The jacket is a perfect companion in weight and will still make you look as effortless and cool you have ever been without compromising the fit


Choose your blood type 

The Irving Biker >>>> Olive Suede in Dark Green.

The Marlon Biker >>>> Classic Black Nappa / OX RED





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