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Style Session with Thaamir Moerat

As a fashion brand, our goal is to provide you with classic, timeless fashion clothing from our sports luxe pants, t-shirts and leather jackets and giving you that feel of style when you wear our products. We adore men we take the initiative to properly curate their wardrobe with amazing styles. One of the men whose fashion sense style has been commended and even made an appearance on GQ magazine under the 10 Stylish Man on Instagram is Thaamir Moerat an actor, model and entrepreneur.


We had a chance to style and talk to the actor about his fashion sense, career and his goals in life. The interview provided a scope for us to get to know more about Thaamir and our customers on how they perceive our brand. Have a look at the interview below and get to know Thaamir Moerat the Issa Leo way!




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